My name is Lauren Burnett and I am a Virginia Tech graduate with a BS in Industrial Design. For four years, I called Blacksburg home, gaining a design education. I have a passion for design. I believe this is achieved by having beautiful form and an enjoyable user experience.

I was born in Texas, lived in Colorado as a toddler, moved to the Netherlands for three years, grew up in New Hampshire, and recently ventured to the Bay Area, making San Francisco home for now. I have always excelled in both math and art classes. I enjoy completing any sort of puzzle. I have a creative side I inherited from my mom and a problem solving side from my dad. I wanted a way to combine my math and art skills in career that I would enjoy. I wanted a career that used creative, technical, and logical thinking. This is why I chose design.

As one chapter in my life is coming to a close, another is about to begin. I am excited and curious about finding out what is to come. Who knows, maybe you'll be a part of it.